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The merits of all-purified water

From purified kitchen water to all-purified water

For water used daily in various places: drinking water, cooking water, bathing water, hair-washing water,
face-washing water, gargling water, bidet water, water for pets and plants.
We recognize that water used in the kitchen is a mere fraction of water that is used daily.
We propose an all-purified water system that takes into consideration the needs of all your daily water requirement.
Delicious and safe, it is the cleanest purified water for your daily use.
With an even wider goal, we would like to support your family's health, beauty, comfort and convenience.

Purify all water used in the household.

The all-purified water system will transform your lifestyle.

Just install one all-purified water system.
From the kitchen, bathroom, sink, laundry, toilet and to the patio; you can use safe, clean water anywhere in your home.
From now on, it's the all-purified water system.
We are here to attentively oversee the health and comfort of your family.

Water journey

Central water purification system, 'Water Journey'
With just this one system, transform all your daily water into purified water.

  • Compact design is made possible
    by the high-efficiency cartridge filter.

    By utilizing a specific characteristic of activated carbon, we succeeded in the development of a compact-size cartridge.
    We have produced the smallest central water purification system in the industry.

  • Electricity not required.
    No generation of Co2.

    Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest reasons speeding up global warming.
    In order to leave behind a prosperous world for the children of future generations, efforts are being made around the world to develop products that surpress the emission of carbo n dioxide.
    This system is a zero-electricity required model that contributes to the low emission of carbon dioxide.

  • Cartridge replacement is
    required once every two years.

    By improving the structure of the cartridge, it is now possible to use it for a lengthy period of time.
    Throughout the duration of use, both the quality and quantity of purified water remains constant.


The latest technology built-in to a compact design.

The water purification system, 'Water Journey' purifies water used in all aspects of daily life,
is smallest in size in the industry, safe and of highest quality, and demonstrates advanced and sophisticated performance.
By brainstorming in refined forums, building a solid structure and detailed parts,
we have integrated the latest technology for optimal performance.

Our clean, purified water
is safe and adheres to a high-taste standard.

The activated carbon complex filter reproduces nature's spring water.

Equipped with advanced carbon filter
In order to regain the original purity and mild taste of water,
research development was repeated to produce the multiplex structured TIG filter.
By taking certain certain properties from fiber substances and palm husks,
two types of activated carbon are combined to produce a highly purified water.
Performance Target - effectiveness - through effective operation, the purity of the natural state of water is regained.
The exterior surface of palm husk activated carbon has an infinite number of a certain type of micro-pores,
characteristic allowing for maximum adhesion which leads to the distinct feature that enables long-time usage.
By combining a unique proportion of fiber activated carbon and granular activated carbon,
it surpasses the efficiency of both, producing a much higher-efficiency water purifier.

Strong adhesive power is realized due to the nano-size small opening construction.
On the outer surface of the palm husk activated carbon, two types of fine pores
of less than 2nm micropores and greater than 50nm macropores are visible.
By impurities from ground water efficiently passing through the fine pores, clean, purified water is produced.

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