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Product development with no compromises

Being particular leads to good product development.

Looking into the times and people's lives from various perspectives. Finding new discoveries in daily life and expanding ideas from there.
These are the stances that each employee at Nihon CLIO keeps in mind every day. Furthermore since our establishment, we have been carefully establishing practical skills—such as observation, discovery,
and ideas—to move forward to the next step of creating something new.
Our employees cooperate with each other and overcome numerous problems one by one.
Our dedicated efforts are not always reflected in planning and development or in our improvements. We sometimes make very slow progress.
However, through our countless experiences, we believe that being particular leads to good product development.

Carefully selecting a domestic factory that meet our quality demands.

Reliable capacity and durability are required for household goods that are used in daily life.
Every function must properly operate and show appropriate results. Being able to use goods for the long term is also important.
We, Nihon CLIO, determine strict product standards for our products so that our customers may safely and comfortably use them every day.We demand a high level of standards from our production partners—they must have superior technology and be capable of stable production.
Our partner is a domestic factory with the latest production lines and skilled engineers who meet high standards.
With strong passion toward manufacturing that Japan takes pride in and reliable production control and an organized inspection system,
products that customers trust are manufactured here.

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