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"Omizunotabi" maintenance

Assuring periodic maintenance to further improve our reliability.

"Omizunotabi," which filters water throughout the entire home,
conforms with the Water Supply Act prescribed by the Ministry of Health,
Labour, and Welfare as a water supply system.
Moreover, the product has outstanding reliability and conforms with pressure-resistance, exudation, and counter-current
prevention performance tests specified by Japan Industrial Standard (JIS). Nihon CLIO performs periodic product maintenance
when replacing cartridges once every two years.We will send our technical staff with expert knowledge and skills
to our customer's residence. In accordance with our inspection lists,
the staff will carefully check the product. At the same time,
they perform careful inspection on connecting parts of stopcocks
and indoor plumbing as well as surrounding areas. Nihon CLIO maintains
a thorough maintenance system for our customers so they may have
a secure and comfortable life with complete water filtering.

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