Frequently Asked Questions

How is Omizunotabi different than other commercially available water purifiers?

Omizunotabi is a device that purifies all of the water throughout your house, and is not limited to just the kitchen or shower.
Also, standard water purifiers do not leave behind chlorine and therefore present concerns over the spread of germs.
Omizunotabi leaves behind a trace amount of chlorine (0.1 mg/L) so that you can safely use great-tasting water.
0.1 mg/L is the minimum required level of chlorine for domestic water use (according to Water Supply Act standards)
and small enough that you will notice practically no chlorine odors or tingling sensations.
*This number may vary depending on fluctuations in chlorine concentrations in tap water

What effects does chlorine have?

Some typical examples are the break down of vitamins and cell tissues, skin irritation, and dry hair.
For instance, the idea behind the phrase often seen on TV that “rice is all about the water you rinse with” is that the vitamins
in the rice are broken down when you rinse. The secret to cooking great-tasting rice is to use Omizunotabi.

I'm concerned about water output if I use a water purifier...

Unlike water purifiers that mount on faucets, with Omizunotabi you get ample output of purified water from all of your faucets.
The resistance rate of the water purifier cartridge is around one to three percent, so it is safe to say that you will not feel the stress of drops
in water output at all. If water output at your residence is low to begin with, there may be some slight concerns about how the water flows out,
so please contact us when considering installation. Also, since the water purifier cartridge captures impurities,
foreign objects get caught in the filter and carbon mesh, naturally causing water output to decrease.
Although the degree to which this happens depends on the water quality where Omizunotabi is being used,
on rare occasions the cartridge may need to be replaced earlier than the estimated replacement timetable.
*Please replace the cartridge if water output drops due to clogging. *Proper water pressure range for use: 0.25 MPa - 0.7 MPa
*Drops in water output due to wear of the water purifier cartridge are not covered by warranty

Will it change hard water to soft water?

Omizunotabi’s water purifier cartridge does not remove beneficial mineral components (components of water hardness) such as calcium
and magnesium contained in water. As a result, it provides your family with purified water without diminishing the water’s inherent flavor.

I already have a table-top and shower water-purifier...

You can install Omizunotabi even if you use other water purifiers. There is no need to remove the water purifiers you already use.
Installing Omizunotabi cleans your water from the very foundations of your house, and the water
is then further purified by the smaller water purifiers directly before use, giving you access to even higher quality purified water.
Please note, however, that using Omizunotabi in conjunction with similar central water purifiers is not recommended
as doing so increases water resistance and negatively effects water output.

I live alone and don’t use much water.
Is it okay to push the cartridge replacement cycle back?

The estimated replacement timeframe for Omizunotabi cartridges is calculated based on the purification capacity of the residual chlorine
and the amount of water used. Consequently, the performance lifespan of the cartridge can be extended when used by a small number of people.
However, from the viewpoint of cartridge durability and sanitation, we recommend that the cartridge be replaced once every two years
at the longest, even when used by a small number of people.

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