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Customer Reviews

We have received positive reviews from many of our customers.
We will share some of the representative reviews.

  • "Not only does it taste different,
    but also it smells different"
  • Water tastes and smells completely different after installation
    and I feel safe to use it. (K from Chiba Prefecture)
  • "You can taste the difference
    of filtered water with coffee"
  • When I make coffee, I can taste the difference the most.
    Cold water is also good to drink and it was useful during the hot summer.
    (N from Osaka Prefecture)

  • "I'm completely satisfied with the soft water"
  • My family members who suffer from allergies are satisfied and they say,
    "the water in the bathtub is soft" (F from Aichi Prefecture)
  • "Resolved skin problems after bath"
  • My skin doesn't get itchy anymore due to dryness.
    (S from Hiroshima Prefecture)
    My flaky skin is getting better. (I from Fukuoka Prefecture)

  • "Even damaged hair has been restored
    to its original condition"
  • Right after I moved into a new place, my hair was terribly damaged.
    But it improved after I changed to filtered water. (T from Miyagi Prefecture)
  • "The filtered water is good for the elderly"
  • We're an elderly couple. Considering our health, we installed filtered water.
    We always feel assured to use it. (M from Kagoshima Prefecture)

  • "I'm free from carrying heavy plastic bottles"
  • It was hard to carry two to three plastic bottles back home every day.
    Now, all I have to do is turn on a faucet. I'm extremely satisfied.
    (H from Tokyo Prefecture)
  • "It doesn't produce many water stains"
  • I've been using it for two years but water stains have been rare.
    It's easy to clean and helpful. (Y from Kagawa Prefecture)

  • First, try the water as it is. Then, make tea with it, cook rice with it, or use it for cooking.
    Just like mineral water, you can feel the refreshing flavors of filtered water.
    Your pets, as part of the family, must also sense the tastiness.
    They may experience the tastiness even more than humans thanks to their sharp sense of smell.
    Delicious filtered water will ensure your family's health and comfortable life.

  • With complete water filtering, you can even fully enjoy clean water in your sink, bathtub, toilet,
    and laundry—places that have been overlooked until now.
    Even when you brush your teeth, wash your face, or use a shower-type toilet,
    you will feel assured thanks to clean filtered water. Complete water filtering robustly removes
    substances that cause excessive chlorine, trihalomethane, and moldy smells.
    It will resolve your concerns about inhaling evaporated substances through your mouth or nose,
    and you can take your time to enjoy bathing and showering.

  • There are number of chances to make contact with water in daily life.
    Cooking and bathing take up about half of the water we use in a day.
    With complete water filtering, you will feel the gentleness whenever you prepare meals
    or clean up afterwards or take a bath. Filtered water, in which the substances of your concern
    have been removed, returns to its original softness.
    You will feel less skin irritation on your hands or sensitive skin. Filtered water makes your hair
    and scalp silky and gives a soft finish to laundry.

  • The advantage of complete water filtering is the convenience of using filtered water throughout
    the house just by turning on a faucet. Unlike mineral water or delivered water,
    there is no burden of having to place an order and no need to make space for the water you buy.
    Of course, the cost is lower than purchasing water in these ways,
    thus greatly contributing to the household's economy. It also cuts down the fuel expenses
    for shopping and transportation as well as the energy needed to dispose of used bottles.
    It reduces burdens on the environment and gives us many reasons to be happy.

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