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a comfortable

Corporate Philosophy

Each one of us wants to be the foundation for our customers' joy.

We believe that the energy by which people can make others happy always comes from positive feelings.
Each and every member of the staff strives for a "challenging spirit," "positive thinking,"
a "positive approach," "ingenuity," and "humanity." We will always encourage ourselves, exercise our ideas,
and serve our customers with a smile and consideration so we will always be able to offer fresh joy and excitement.

Business Philosophy

We regard the relationship with our customers, which starts with having them know Nihon CLIO, as a treasure,
and we aspire to become a corporation that continues to provide joy and excitement.

Operating Philosophy

We, Nihon CLIO, provide joy and excitement to our customers with the company-wide spirit of "CLIO is myself."

Personnel Philosophy

"People are your stone walls, people are your castle" Our existence as Nihon CLIO is based on the human strength brought
about by strong teamwork. We believe that our greatest asset is people and the greatest product is "people.
" What our company invests in the most is "people" and our greatest resource is the earnestness of each employee.
Our company was established based on this philosophy and we will take each other's hands and pledge to grow
and endure no matter what difficulties we may face.

Origin of Company Name

To produce ideas for a comfortable life.

CLIO is an acronym for "Comfort Life Idea Output." It means to "produce ideas for a comfortable life," and all of the employees'
passionate thoughts aimed at providing a comfortable life to many people and making every effort to produce ideas for that purpose are put into it.
CLIO has robust skills and knowledge. Moreover, our employees are flexibly inventive. For an even more convenient, simple, and comfortable life,
we aim to take a new step toward the next era as we produce ideas for a comfortable life.

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